We are experienced in a multiplicity of disciplines with an exceptional array of skill sets, access to high-level professional sources. Our approach is counter-intuitive by connecting the dots differently.

One was a former Public Policy Maker who was Chief Negotiator for over 300 contracts with a cumulative value of one billion dollars - with executives of world-renown firms in architecture & engineering, energy and security. He is adept at providing the knowledge from the perspective of your counterpart’s mindset and values for your group to negotiate and communicate more effectively and ultimately get on the short list for award whether you’re a foreign or American executive negotiating with your counterparts.

Our approach to negotiations focuses on the composition and chemistry of your team and how best to communicate with your counter-parts to obtain the optimal final result. Because of globalization, negotiation teams require unique and distinct knowledge and skills. We provide the toolkit to identify those elements and better assess your counter-part from both the corporate and personal perspective. We offer group or individual training whether it’s a general overview preparation or project specific.

We produce a comprehensive portfolio of published articles and contribute insightful quotes to well-known media sources worldwide such as:

Fidelity Investments

Bloomberg News




U.S. News & World Report

CNN-Fox News

Asean Economist

The Diplomat


National Security News

Variety Magazine

With respect to media relations we participated as a regular expert panelist on the Emmy-award international TV talk show Fresh Outlook, a weekly live news talk show that broadcasts to 6 million households across the U.S. and around the world, via DISH Network, RCN Cable and Globecast Satellite.

With respect to investments, our Cerulean Global Capital unit provides contrarian, event-driven reports and perspectives that include oil and gold markets, the rapidly emerging cyber issues such as AI, Bitcoin, crypto-currencies and related security threats, foreign policy shifts, international public health & urban security (Ebola crisis) and aviation issues. These reports can be reviewed via the tab above.

Our team's professional experience and membership with highly diverse organizations provides us with unprecedented perspectives on geopolitical topics.


Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO)

U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

The Foreign Policy Association

Hedge Fund Association

The Overseas Press Club of America (member of the Board of Governors)

The New York Press Club

The Japan Society

Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association (AOPA)

Why us?

Our boutique size and privately-owned organization enables us to be highly-independent and nimble. For this reason we are not constrained or compromised by outside entities and can provide you and your organization unfiltered direct assessments.