Cerulean Global Capital, a unit of Indo-Brazilian Associates LLC, provides global energy risk investment perspectives & recommendations through event-driven, contrarian articles published through ExpertClick, MSN Money & Markets, Reuters and other renown financial news services:

  • Global Food Insecurity
  • Tightening of Food Chain to Spike Prices
  • Greater Valuation With A Fortified Global Supply Chain
  • Trucking Paramount to Food Security
  • US Shale Oil: Black Gold, Red Ink
  • USA: A Brutal Post-Coronavirus Economic Reset
  • The Russo-Saudi Powerplay Against US Shale Oil
  • How Covid-19 Has Profoundly Infected The Global Supply Chain
  • OPEC+ Oil Price Challenge: Catching The Falling Knife
  • China: A Brutal Post-Coronavirus Economic Reset
  • China’s Crisis Management Stress Test
  • Oil Prices’ Hard Landing Initializing Descent
  • Oil Prices Heading Toward a Hard Landing
  • Early Bird Opportunities fir Gold with Prices Not Buried but Planted