Pandemic Perspectives

Like a Jurassic-sized Black Swan the Covid-19 pandemic has adversely impacted every aspect of life on earth as we know it paralyzing the world economy like nothing else in history. The following articles, all of which can be accessed through our blog, provides prescient, over-the-horizon, counter-intuitive perspectives on different disciplines with respect to what to expect in the near and medium-term.


Meat | America's Culinary Second Amendment

Covid Vaccine | The Perfect Cover to Repeal Privacy Laws

Food Insecurity Will Fatten America

Emerging Mega-Bankruptcies Threaten Supply Chains


Blowtorch Summer | Prelude to Dark Winter II

The Searing Summer of Chaos

New Delhi's Dystopic Dilemma

Exporting American Apple Pie Extremism

America's Dark Democracy | Werewolves Unleashed

The Teaser Economic Recovery

The Gentrification of Americana

America's Multicolored Brown Shirts

Canine Reconnaissance - the Paws on the Ground Urban Quality of Life Index

China, Australia, the USA and the Experts Advising Our Governments

President Xi’s Leadership at Risk and His Socio-Economic Conundrum

USA: A Brutal Post-Coronavirus Reset

China: A Brutal Post-Coronavirus Reset

China’s Crisis Management Stress Test


Corporate Diversity Politics | The Illusion of Inclusion

US Homeland Tet Offensive

Global Hospitality's Zero Hour

Body Language in the Remote Workplace

Super Spreaders | America's Willing Executioners

American Favela | The Ultimate De-Gentrification

The Silence of the Whistleblowers

Survivor's Guilt | The Personal Bankruptcy Lawyer

Remote Workers | Prisoners of High Tech

The Iron Bubble | Corporate Command & Control

Fashion Retail Reimagined

Corporate Alcatraz | The High Table Reconfigured

The Homeless Next Door - Surprising Secrets of America's Bankrupt Wealthy

The Emerging Cash Poor Wealthy

The Bio-Digital New World Order

Hail the Blue Blanket Investors | The Financial Preppers

Stealth Wealth Hiding in Plain Sight

Big Tech | The Corporate Hydra


Air Cargo Investment Opportunities for Vaccine Distribution

The Teaser Economic Recovery

Investing During the Pandemic

Commercial Aviation | The New Economic Flight Plan

Economic Microburst During the Viral Ceasefire (Travel & Hospitality)

The Luxury Market’s Brutal Restructuring


Texan Self-Made Energy Alamo

US Shale Oil Executives Strike Black Gold in Firms' Red Ink

OPEC+ | The Virtual Oil Cartel

US Shale Oil: Black Gold, Red Ink