Podcasts | Geopolitical Perspectives

Albert Goldson, CEO of Indo-Brazilian Associates LLC provides a comprehensive contrarian overview of on-going and rapidly developing geopolitical issues in the following videos & podcasts.


Albert Goldson CEO Indo-Brazilian Associates provides deep-dive perspectives and dynamics not discussed by western media on the increasing geopolitical tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean with respect to energy resources in disputed marine territories during a podcast interview entitled The Latest in Energy and the Eastern Mediterranean with Savannah Lane, Executive Director of the Turkish Heritage Organization, 15 September 2020.

China, Australia, The USA and The Experts Behind Advising Our Governments

Albert Goldson CEO of Indo-Brazilian Associates was the geopolitical guest expert interviewed by Bloomberg Markets on 1 June 2020 in a podcast entitled "China, Australia, the USA and the Experts Advising Our Governments" hosted by the CJ Radio Show.

The podcast is a dynamic comprehensive overview of China's challenges some of which are often under-reported or lack linkages to on-going challenges by the mainstream media. Topics of discussion include the following:

• Chinese expansion in the South China Sea and elsewhere.

• China's economic priorities and military limitations.

• The Chinese demographic time bomb and its impact on domestic policy, working age shortfall and internal security.

• The shadow banking markets.