Indo-Brazilian Associates LLC

Global Risk Assessment

Indo-Brazilian Associates LLC is a NYC-based think-tank and advisory service that provides prescient beyond-the-horizon contrarian perspectives and risk assessments on energy investments, geopolitical dynamics and global urban security. We provide contrarian perspectives with counter-intuitive solutions.

With over 15 years of experience leading negotiation teams on international urban development & planning, architecture & engineering, energy and security we've successfully negotiated over 300 contracts with a total value one billion (US) dollars with world-renown firms. The following units offer the following services:

Cerulean Global Capital

Advisory service pursue investment opportunities in the following areas:

  • Oil markets
  • Emerging markets
  • Information technology

Explore the undying and emerging global, national and regional economic and political trends – event-driven and contrarian - with open source research provided by independent, often “on the ground” experts in multiple fields such as economic, political, academic, legal, security.

Some of the specialized units include:

Cerulean Council

The think-tank unit that provides specialized reports on global urban security particularly and the impacts of climate change including water & food security risks. Additionally we provide referrals to executive protective services ranging from aviation and cyber-security.

Cloud|Break Global Solutions

Information technology unit in the rapidly evolving and changing landscape focusing on AI, machine learning, cross-border compliance, regulatory and legal issues and its present-day and future impacts on a multitude of industries and security.

In sum our access to the decision-makers and influences in the aforementioned fields such as business, law, media, academia, information technology allowing us to effectively “frame & capture” the issues and provide a deeper more comprehensive albeit contrarian perspective.